In the last few years, Addis Ababa has embarked on various mega projects that are fast becoming landmarks, modernizing the city’s appearance. One such project was the beautification of the street that connects the city administration building to Meskel Square, and Flawless Events was tasked with organizing its inauguration. Our team was asked to showcase the street’s and square’s new looks in a celebratory event that would honor the history, while highlighting the benefits of the new changes.

Taking this into consideration, we wondered, how best to unveil the upgraded streets and Meskel Square while highlighting the past and future?


Through a parade, of course!

The inauguration started with a VIP cocktail hour at the city administration. This was followed by a small parade on the street down to the square, where horses dressed in traditional attire took the lead in honor of Ethiopian culture. Vintage cars trailed behind, celebrating the history of the city while flanked by bikers, skaters and runners to illustrate the streets and square’s benefits in encouraging active lifestyles. Seated comfortably in buses moving towards the parade, VIPs were treated to an excellent view of the proceedings, allowing them to enjoy the fanfare up close.

At the square, our team designed the decor to reflect the colors of the city administration. Guests wined and dined in this stunning setting, entertained by traditional dancers while enjoying the view. Attended by several VIPs including the Ethiopian head of state, this event allowed us to highlight how the old and the new come together, celebrating the square’s past, present and future in a spectacular fashion.