Illuminating Change – The 36 Million Solutions Inaugural Forum in Kigali

A Forum with a Mission

In the picturesque city of Kigali, Rwanda, the 36 Million Solutions Inaugural Forum was more than just a gathering – it was a mission to mobilize the private sector towards actionable solutions for the 36 million displaced people across Africa. Convened by the Amahoro Coalition, UNHCR, and AEC, the forum served as a poignant reminder of the need for African Solutions to African challenges. Our team at Flawless Events was tasked with a unique challenge: to create an environment that would foster solution-based discussions.

Embracing African Traditions for Modern Solutions

How do you encourage attendees to not only formulate solutions but also commit to them? We found our answer in the rich African tradition where communities gather under a tree to discuss issues and resolve disputes. This practice became our conceptual foundation, guiding us in designing a forum environment that felt familiar yet innovative.

Our approach was simple yet powerful. We set up couches and armchairs in clusters, intentionally removing formalities. This arrangement transformed the forum into a creative problem-solving session, encouraging open, solution-focused discussions among attendees.

Lighting the Lanterns of Commitment

To visually encapsulate the forum’s central theme, we adorned the trees with lanterns, each representing the potential solutions to Africa’s challenges. The symbolic act of lighting a lantern became a commitment to action. Every time a guest presented a constructive idea and pledged to act on it, they lit their lantern. This act was not just a gesture; it was a testament to the power of African solidarity and the collective will to address African issues.

A Star-Studded and Impactful Event

The 36 Million Solutions Inaugural Forum was more than just a meeting of minds; it was a beacon of hope and action. The event was not only productive and impactful but also a true joy to create. Witnessing the collective commitment of guests, symbolized by the glowing lanterns, was a sight to behold. The forum stood as a shining example of how traditional African practices could be seamlessly woven into modern problem-solving contexts, making a significant impact in the realm of humanitarian work.

At Flawless Events, we take pride in crafting experiences that are not just events but catalysts for change. The 36 Million Solutions Forum was a testament to this philosophy – an event that went beyond dialogue, inspiring tangible actions for a better Africa.

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